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【Swirl Electrolysis Machine】


UW - Swirl Electrolysis Machine is a customized quick-release design equipment. Through high-quality transmission method, the electrolytical efficiency can be greatly improved (>30%). It can be applied to semiconductor, PCB, electroplating industries, etc., such as recycling of copper sulfate wastewater from TSMC or UMC.


UW - Swirl Electrolysis Machine can efficiently recover copper, cobalt, nickel, gold, silver and other precious metals. The required current density is one-third of that of other manufacturers, and the concentration of metal ions in the final liquid can be less than 20 ppm. The overall recovery has high recycling rate (>99.5%), saving energy consumption to reduce carbon emissions, assisting enterprises to deal with wastewater and obtain additional metal value. Furthermore, carbon reduction can achieve the goal of global net zero emission, and implement corporate ESG and circular economy.