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  • Method of Forming a Biochip and Application Thereof
    Inventor: Kenny Hsu,W.Y. Chen,R.S. Chang(Taiwan invention patent)
  • Method of forming a biochip and application thereof
    Inventors : C. H. Hsu, W. Y. Chen, R. S. Chang, R. N, Huang, W. L. Li (US invention patent)
  • Chip and Apparatus for Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitor Detection and Method for Using Thereof (Application for Alzheimer's Disease、Organophosphorus pesticides Analysis chip development)
    Inventor:Kenny Hsu (Taiwan invention patent)
  • A Convenient Test Paper for Methanol Identification
    Inventor: Kenny Hsu、W.Y. Chen (Taiwan invention patent)
  • The Stripping Gold Components and the Method of Stripping Gold
    Inventor:Kenny Hsu (Taiwan, China, US invention patents)
  • 一種貴金屬電鍍之遮蔽治具及其應用
  • 臥式機/線鍍機
    發明人: 許景翔、羅明威、張永撙、劉明政(中華民國新型專利)
  • 臥式機/線鍍機及其中之水囊
    發明人: 許景翔、羅明威、張永撙、劉明政(中華民國新型專利)
  • Metal Stripping Additive, Composition Containing the Same, and Method for Stripping Metal by Using the Composition
    Inventors : C. H. Hsu (Taiwan, China, USA, Japan invention patents, Germany was submitted)
  • Tin Stripping Additive and Application Thereof
    Inventors : C. H. Hsu (Taiwan, and Singapore invention patents, China, USA & Switzerland were submitted)
  • Pt Stripping Additive and Application Thereof
    Inventors : C. H. Hsu (Taiwan, USA, China and Germany were submitted)